Real Time Data
  • Real-time data for close proximity encounters by citizens

  • Advanced Analytics to show Social Distancing Trend

Contact Tracing History

We do not use GPS to track people. We use sensors built into smartphones to check movement and measure the distance between two phones. Once we observe that two people are approximately 6 ft or closer, then we create a relation between the two devices and log it. With our analytics engine, we can historically check a particular person's close contacts in the past 14 days and alert them to self-quarantine. 


Our goal is to help with containing the pandemic, so we collect only minimum personal information from the user: first and last name, email and phone number (optional)


Our app will keep track of who does the user come in contact with so we can use this information to warn the user if he/she gets in contact with infected person


Governments can use the Social Distancing App to monitor to what extend do the community members follow the recommendations about social distancing. Government officials will get access to the Viaanix platform which will provide advanced analytics about social distancing and coronavirus spreading in their communities. The analytics will be able to provide future potential COVID-19 Patients in advance so they can be notified in a timely manner to be quarantined and reduce spreading.