California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Notice of Information Collection


Important: CCPA applies to California residents only.


CCPA provides for certain disclosures about your rights and the personal information we collect, sell, and disclose for a business purpose. To view this information, see our California Privacy Notice. For additional information about our privacy practices, see our Privacy Policy.


Please note that we collect the following categories of personal information (see our California Privacy Notice for more detail on these categories):

  1. Identifiers

  2. Personal Information

  3. Protected classification characteristics

  4. Biometric data

  5. Internet or other similar network activity

  6. Commercial information

  7. Inferences drawn from other personal information

We use this information for the legitimate business or commercial purpose of providing the App to you and our related services, for marketing, research and development, quality assurances, for improving our products and services, and processing and managing transactions.

For California residents, you may opt out of having your personal information sold to third parties by using our Do Not Sell form.