Viaanix, a seven-year-old engineering firm in the US, has developed a wide range of hardware and software solutions for our customers monitoring and tracking needs based on IoT technologies.  Utilizing many of our own proprietary hardware and software designs, RF Modules, Beacons, Gateways and IoT Platform, have allowed us to efficiently provide our customers with ROI solutions. We are known for extremely fast engineering from concept to manufacturing. 

Viaanix manufactures the most important part of the IoT industry, the wireless modules itself. but we didn't stop there, we also manufacture beacons. gateways, hubs, and have our own personal network called VX-Link. During the past 7 years, we have made strategic partnerships with manufacturers in China who are prime manufacturers for fortune 500 companies. We have established a complete supply chain for manufacturing a product from concept to packaging. We have a proven track record in manufacturing products from ideation within 3 months for customized solutions. 

VX-Olympus is our powerful IoT platform that is capable of scaling to manage billions of data collecting devices (gateways and beacons). Our platform is based on cloud computing categories PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Solution) for our customers to allow for custom licensing, branding, and hardware deployment.

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